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Cosmetic Dentistry in Astoria, Queens, NY by Master Dental

Having unattractive or damaged teeth can keep you from doing many routine things, from smiling in social situations to being able to benefit from healthy dental function. With cosmetic density in Astoria from Master Dental, you can enjoy all health and confidence boosting advantages of having teeth that are bright white, healthy-looking, and strong. Contact your Astoria dentist at Master Dental to achieve your perfect smile.

Our Cosmetic Treatment Philosophy: Focusing on Function and Aesthetics

Your treated smile should not only look beautiful, it should promote better dental function in all of its intended ways – from being able to bite into your favorite meals to supporting proper chewing function over years of wear and tear.

When recommending treatment to correct flaws on teeth, Dr. Malafis’ first concern is ensuring that oral function is protected and improved. From there, our cosmetic restorations create a beautiful new aesthetic. Depending on your needs, our Astoria cosmetic dental procedures can utilize different materials to improve form and function, such as tooth-colored porcelain and ultra-strong and life-like zirconia and e.max®.

What Cosmetic Dentistry Can Do for You

Cosmetic dental treatments are able to transform your smile and correct minor aesthetic flaws, such as staining and misshapen teeth. On the moderate to severe end, cosmetic restorations can also be utilized to repair decayed teeth, replace missing teeth, and straighten misalignment.

Cosmetic dental treatments from our Astoria office include:

Teeth Whitening – We help patients achieve whiter smiles with either same-day in-office bleaching or and customized take-home kits that include personalized dental trays and whitening solution.

Veneers – When you want a smile that is whiter, straighter and more balanced, porcelain veneers can provide results in as few as two office visits. Dr. Malafis uses thin slices of porcelain to cover the fronts of teeth and create flawless smiles.

Invisalign® – Dr. Malafis uses this popular system of clear braces to set up advanced cosmetic restoration cases for best results. When teeth are first properly aligned, patients see stunning results with secondary care, such as whitening, or crowns. The combination of invisible braces and cosmetic dentistry produces beautiful results without bulky metal orthodontics.

Implant Restoration – Patients struggling with missing teeth can find permanent new teeth through implant-supported restorations. Dr. Malafis provides life-like restorations that are attached to surgically embedded implant posts, which include crowns, bridges, and over-dentures. Our Astoria implant restorations allow your smile to look and function just like it would with your natural teeth.

Composite Fillings – Composite fillings get rid of the dark spots on teeth that metal amalgam fillings can create. When you need treatment for a cavity, our white dental fillings ensure that no one has to know.

Inlay/Onlay – These cosmetic restorations are utilized to conservatively repair decayed teeth, treating moderate decay by replacing portions of enamel with tooth-colored porcelain. Dr. Malafis uses in-office milling with CEREC® to create your inlay or only in one visit and in around an hour. 

Bridges – Tooth loss can also be corrected with cosmetic dental bridges from Master Dental. Our bridgework incorporates life-like and strong materials, so your smile looks naturally beautiful and seamless.

Your treatment is planned with full diagnostic wax-ups, with temporary restorations utilized to ensure best color matching and try-in aesthetic before your finalized crowns, bridges and veneers are provided. Dr. Malafis can make any adjustments needed in your treatment during the try-in phase, to make sure that final results look and feel their best.

To learn more about aesthetic care from our Astoria, Queens, NY cosmetic dentist, Dr. Malafis, contact Master Dental today.


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