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If you have yellow, brown, or discolored teeth, teeth whitening treatment can eradicate years of buildup and restore your smile to its near-original condition. At Master Dental in Astoria, Queens, general dentist Konstantine Malafis, DDS, proudly offers teeth whitening treatment using Opalescence™Boost™ in-office whitening and take home whitening trays. To request your teeth whitening appointment at his New York City-based practice today, call the office or click the online scheduling tool.

Teeth Whitening Q&A

Why are my teeth stained and discolored?

Your teeth yellow and stain as a result of the aging process. As you get older, the outer layer of your teeth flakes away, revealing the inner layer (dentin). Dentin is naturally yellow, so the more visible it becomes, the yellower your teeth appear.
There are several other factors that cause staining and discoloration, including:

  • Poor oral hygiene
  • Tobacco use
  • Drinking dark beverages like red wine and coffee
  • Eating foods that stain, such as tomato-based pasta sauces

You’re also at risk of developing yellow or discolored teeth if you take a prescription medication that contains tetracycline.

What types of teeth whitening treatment are there?

At Master Dental, Dr. Malafis offers both in-office and take home teeth whitening treatments.

Opalescence™ Boost™

Opalescence Boost is a cutting-edge chairside teeth whitening method that can make your teeth up to *eight shades whiter during one treatment session.

During Opalescence Boost treatment, Dr. Malafis isolates the tongue, gums and lips and carefully applies a bleaching solution to the surface of your teeth. The bleaching solution triggers a chemical reaction that effectively eradicates stains and discoloration. Unlike other similar whitening treatments, there are no bright lights or special lamps involved.

Take home whitening trays

If you don’t have time for an in-office whitening session, Dr. Malafis also offers take home whitening trays. Whitening trays are custom mouthpieces that you fill with a bleaching solution. You wear them for one hour a day for 10-14 days as the process gradually brightens your teeth, with care that may last up to a year. Take home whitening doesn’t provide as immediate results as Opalescence Boost, but it’s just as effective over time.

Is teeth whitening treatment safe?

Teeth whitening is safe and well-tolerated. The majority of modern teeth whitening solutions, including Opalescence Boost and take home trays use carbamide peroxide, a harmless chemical in the same family as hydrogen peroxide. In addition, all teeth whitening treatments undergo regular testing and review by regulatory bodies like the FDA.

Is teeth whitening permanent?

Teeth whitening isn’t permanent, but it does provide results for three to four months at a time. You can extend your results by avoiding tobacco use, drinking water instead of soda, and avoiding foods that stain.

To request your teeth whitening consultation at Master Dental today, call the office or click the online scheduling tool.